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Education Capsule is a tutoring company which enables children from the ages of 5 to 16 to maximize their potential and become high achievers. We work intimately with the curriculum of the United Kingdom to ensure that students are not only learning the necessities but accelerating as well. Education Capsule hand selects our tutors. Our tutors are ones who not only have a qualification in a subject, but who are also passionate to teach have the experience to back it up. What you can expect and learn to trust from Education Capsule is our commitment to excellence at every level. Whether we are collaborating with a school about their upcoming curriculum or in a session with the student and tutor, we believe every one of our actions is accountable, and each action should be striving towards excellence.Whats more that sets us apart from the rest is our fully customizable Tutor-Student plan.

As already stated, Education Capsule is about collaboration, and that doesn’t stop with the school. Furthermore, we believe it is necessary to collaborate with the parents as well so that everyone has the same expectations, and any and all concerns can be voiced. It is our mandate of collaboration, experience, flexibility, and high achievement that makes Education Capsule The tutoring place for the future of your child’s education.

Education Capsule has tutors from all over the world with different backgrounds, which means using us gives a myriad of advantages. For one, it allows us to provide our services at any time of the day or night, 24 X 7, so scheduling with us is never a problem. Another advantage of this is that it gives us top notch capability at being able to transcend many cross-cultural environments and obstacles. We strongly believe in a diverse environment which gives access to every child, regardless of who they are, what languages they speak, or where they come from. This availability of time and cultural diversity allows us to care for our parents and students in ways that can work around any concerns about availability, time or otherwise, on multiple levels.

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