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Describing Position

It is where someone or something is located or has been put.


Let’s learn about positions with the help of a grid.


We can use some words to tell the position of the letters on the grid.

Let’s compare A with B. 


We can say that -


Now, let’s compare the letter A with the letter J. 


We can say that -


Or we can also say that-


Let’s talk about the position of C. 


We can say that - 


Let’s compare the position of K with L. 


We can say that - 


Let’s talk about the position of P.


We can say that - 


Let’s learn about some more keywords.

  1. Inside and Outside

The cat on the left is outside the box, and the cat on the right is inside the box.


  1. Near and Far

The house on the left is near compared to the one on the right. 


  1. Around


Ten people are sitting around the table.


  1. Between


An apple is between the two boxes. 


  1. On top of 


An apple is kept on the top of the books.


  1. In front of


The girl is standing in the front of the box. 


  1. Middle


The blue-coloured book is in the middle of the red-coloured book and the green-coloured book. 

Let’s try a question:

Question: Complete the sentences. 

The Green box is ______ the yellow box and the Pink box is towards the _____ of the green box.



Choose from the words: Above, Below, Right, Left


The Green box is above the yellow box.


The Pink box is towards the left of the green box.

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