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Making Patterns with Shapes

A pattern is defined as a repeated arrangement or set of numbers, shapes, colours, and so on. 


Example 1: Find the missing shape.



The pattern is square, triangle, and circle. These three shapes are repeated continuously.


Therefore, the missing shape is a circle.

Example 2:



Starting from the left, the pattern is a cube, cylinder, cone, cube, cylinder, cone, and so on. 


The missing shape is a cone.


Some patterns can be made by turning the shapes in different ways. 

We can turn the shapes in two ways:


Clockwise is defined as the direction when something turns in the same direction as the hands in a clock move.

Anti-clockwise is defined as the direction when something turns in the opposite direction to the hands in a clock.


The arrow has been moved each time in an anticlockwise direction.

Steps to find the rule in a pattern- 


1. Observe the first shape and then compare it with the second shape. 

2. Then we will figure out if it is moving in a clockwise direction or in an anticlockwise direction. 

How to find the missing shape in a pattern? 

Let’s learn with an example: 


1. Observe the first shape.

2. Compare with the second shape

3. In this, the triangle is turning a quarter-turn in the clockwise direction.

4. Turn the figure C quarter-turn in the clockwise direction to get the figure D. 


Let’s try a question:

Question: The given shapes are making a pattern. The given shapes are moving in a ______ direction.



The given shapes are moving in a clockwise direction.

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