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Pounds (£) and pence (p)

Pounds and Pence are used for measuring the money.


Pounds are in the form of notes and coins.

Pence is only in the form of coins

Symbols to represent pounds and pence: 



£1 is the same as 100 p. 

How to use pounds and pence in real life? 

For example : 

Sophie has a £1 note. She wants to buy a chocolate bar worth 52p. She gave £1 to the shopkeeper. How much change did the shopkeeper give to Sophie? 

Amount of money with Sophie = £1 = 100 p

Money spent on chocolate bar = 52p

Change she got = 100 p - 52 p

= 48 p


Comparing money


Who has more money?

To compare the amount of money they have, we need to find how much money they both have.

For Jessie,

Pounds = £5 + £5 = £10

Pence = 10 p

Total money with Jessie = £10 and 10p

For Joe,

Pounds = £5 + £10 = £15

Pence = 10 p

Total money with Joe = £15 and 10p

That means Joe has more money. 

Let’s try a question:

Question: Grace has enough money or not to go to a concert?

The price of the ticket is shown below. 



Amount of money with Grace = £1 + 1p + 2p + 20p + 50p

= £1 and 72p

= £1.72


Grace has enough money to buy a concert ticket. 

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