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Solving multiplication and division problems in context

To solve multiplication and division problems, various keywords related to add and subtract can be helpful.

Keywords help to decide which operation is to be done in the question.

Keywords for Multiplication

Keywords for Division

Let's try some problems in context.

Problem 1
There are 2 doughnuts in one box. Darcy bought 5 such boxes. How many doughnuts did she buy?

Doughnuts in 1 box = 2
Doughnuts in 5 boxes = 2 × 5 = 10
Darcy bought 10 doughnuts.


Problem 2
Amelia has 8 candies. She decided to share it with her brother. How many candies each of them will have?

Candies with Amelia = 


Sharing candies into two equal parts


Each of them will get 4 candies.

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